Data Storage

Individuals, businesses, organisations and government departments have different types of data storage needs. The main idea is to secure all types of paper and digital data so that the required information is available in the future. A simple mistake can lead to permanent loss of data. Paper documents and digital data can be lost in flooding or fire. It is important to protect all types of important data properly and at the right time. In most cases it is very difficult to recover the lost data. It can mean loss of investments, business, profits and years of hard work. Such risks can be avoided by using proper computer storage solutions.

document scanning and storage

Extra information about document storage services

This solution is needed by companies that have lots of documents in the paper form. It is also beneficial for individuals who want to protect their paper documents and family photographs. Scanning a few documents is not difficult but when an organisation has hundreds or thousands of documents then it can be difficult to manage the whole scanning and digitisation process. It is better to outsource such tasks to an agency that specialises in digitisation of paper documents. They use professional grade scanners to convert data stored on paper into digital data.

Proper Backup

Even digital data is prone to being lost. It can happen due to fire or accidental damage. Digital storage media is prone to defects due to moisture, heat and other environmental conditions. Data kept on such media products can be lost in adverse environmental conditions. There are risks of digital security threat in the form of viruses, malwares, worms and trojans. Whether it is a small or large organisation, everyone is advised to properly backup their digital data as soon as it is generated. The backup data should be stored preferably in another location under the right conditions. Digital data can be stored on different types of media like CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disc, hard disk and flash memory. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The media to store digital data should be selected after careful evaluation of the requirements of the organisation.

New Solutions

When it comes to computer storage solutions then new technologies have emerged. Cloud storage is one such solution that is being used extensively by all types of organisations. Data stored in cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It can be accessed by authorised people only. Any type of digital device that can connect to the Internet can access data stored in the cloud. At the same time, some security experts warn that there are risks involved in cloud storage. If the server of the cloud storage solution provider is hacked then data stored on those servers can be compromised or lost.

Paper documents continue to be used in many places but digital data offers various advantages. Data stored in digital format can be accessed over the network. Large amount of data can be stored in very small physical space. A part of data can be accessed quickly without going through hundreds or thousands of papers. The data can be edited quickly. Part or whole of data can be used as data source in software applications to obtain required information. It is these advantages that everyone now favours data storage in digital format. However, effective protection is needed to protect such data securely. Large corporations and web companies need enterprise class server solutions for data storage.